Christmas 2015 🇩🇪

As per tradition I am in Germany over the Christmas and New Years period. I was initially at my aunts in Dortmund for Christmas and then I came to Stuttgart a few days ago. I was able to visit a few places of interest around Stuttgart. Some pictures to follow. I shall add more details over the next few days. Hope everyone’s had a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year. 


Brno first impressions

Hey everyone,

So I flew to Brno, Czech Republic on Sunday night. This is purely a work trip and I am visiting the office and co-workers who reside and work in Brno. I am staying in a little boutique style hotel in the city centre and it has easy access to the town centre and the office too.

First thing I was surprised about was how cheap the food is around here. Of course some might think that due to the prices the quality will not be up to standards. However it’s quite the opposite.

I tried a typical Czech Republic dish called ‘Staroćskà svićkovà’. This included beef, even though I dislike beef I wanted to try something new. The bread that came with it was boiled rather than baked/fried as it would have been usually. On top of the beef was some jam

Verdict : I am a fussy eater and I disliked it very much and I went and got a panini the size of my arm for just £2!


After work I casually just walked around and looked at the christmas markets and little attractions nearby. The christmas markets are very similar to the German ones with regards to food and layout


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