Leaving behind decades of decadence

Well, it’s been more than a year since my last post on my site and without a doubt, a lot of personal events and world events have happened since then. Some are still unfurling around me as I type these words. Anyone who is reading this has been touched by a world event, whether it was COVID-19 or the BLM movement. Isn’t it strange that a pandemic & injustice are two causes that are uniting us all? Are we finally seeing  & acknowledging that we may have spent decades in decadence and not voicing out our concerns and fighting for an equal world? Or we may have ignored the ones who’ve been fighting all these years?

As a generation going forward are we going to make this upcoming decade and decades to come a fecund of new possibilities? 

Many open questions, yet these questions have an overwhelming answer of ‘Yes’, and if you think otherwise then I believe you’re on the wrong side of history in the making. This of course is a personal opinion but having been educated more than ever on the injustices caused to people of colour in this world, to understanding how fragile our world is to a virus invisible to the eye, I cannot possibly think neglecting all this is an option. Even if it was an option, taking that option isn’t doing justice to a better future.

With a global recession imminent and fights for reforms of brutality and equality being called out around the world, all of this naturally takes a toll on the future outlook and our mental outlook into life. Most of us hopefully have realised the perils of being stuck indoors and most importantly the perils of not speaking up for justice. Some have thrived. Some have caught up on lost time with family. Some have missed family & friends. Some have heightened anxiety levels. Some have been sacred. Some have been winding down. Regardless of which ‘some’ you belong in, fundamentally we have all been made to think twice about the life that has been given to us, the way we have lived it so far and the way we intend to live it in the future. You and I are both involved in this introspection about how we conduct ourselves going forward, even if you believe that you may remain the same individual – well the world around you has indefinitely changed, and positive change is good for not just yourself but the society too.

“Consistency is the playground of dull minds.”

The biggest challenge for me has been dealing with my mental health throughout the pandemic. As I was navigating my way through it all, from being fatigued of looking at the death tolls to doing repetitive tasks to finding creative ways to keep my self occupied, it all eventually took a toll. As I was reeling in the effects of it all came the horrifying video of George Perry Floyd Jr‘s murder. The world was ignited, I looked at myself in shame. Over the years as an individual who had been affected by racism and even at times passing comments with my coloured & white friends with regards to race on to others in the name of a joke, I couldn’t help but feel angry at myself. Without sounding plaintive, I’d like to believe this was a wake up call for all of us, especially the South Asian community.

Black squares showed our solidarity. Active education has shown our solidarity and is continuing to do so. I think it’s our moral responsibility as citizens of the world to speak about topics that matter, even if that means looking at your insouciant self in the mirror and telling yourself that change needs to come from within. We may not be perfect at it, we may slip up, I know I certainly have in the past. But the fact of the matter is when the sun leaks through again, you have to patch the roof for rain.

Life is never going to be a piece of cake, mind you, but the recipe is our own to fool with. So let’s endeavour as the millennial generation to forever fight for change in this uncertain, unpredictable world that we live in.

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