A day in the Dam 🇳🇱

There are some places that you can visit for a day and you would get the feeling that you’ve seen it all. Not to say that it was not a good experience or anything like that, but to just get the feeling that you’re content with the fact it was a short visit yet it was a lovely experience.

I got the same feeling when I went to Milan with my love and also to Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was my first time to Amsterdam, despite all the pre-assumptions about the place I always knew there was something beautiful about the city. So I was excited and made my way to the ‘Dam’ with my love.

The first thing I would like to point out is, that you can walk around the city centre pretty easily, therefore if you travel by train to the main station then refrain yourself from buying a day ticket to get on the trams. I did the same and it turned out to be a waste, as the beginning of the city was not  even a stones throw away.

You’re immediately attracted by the winding canals and the bike aficionados of Amsterdam. Oh dearie me,  the January chills cut you like blades but with the excitement to explore the city and my love for the company, I marched on.

First stop was food. Old habits die hard they say, as I saw a wagamamas I ran in there quickly and ordered my all time favourite ‘Prawn Firecracker’. In my humble opinion it is the best thing on the menu especially if you love the spicy side of things in life. To all the katsu curry lovers sorry but not sorry. Also you can find the wagamama right inside the ‘Amsterdam centraal station – ij-hal’ 


After that it was time for the exciting part of the day the “Amsterdam Light Festival”. The festival ran from Nov 30,2016 – Jan 21,2017. It also runs every year, therefore if you’ve missed it last year make sure you don’t miss it at the end of this year. The tickets for the cruises can be bought in advance, Cruise details. The cruise also offers free hot chocolate and Glüwhein, trust me you would need it. Opting for a brave open boat option to see the festivals we began our experience. There were over 35 artworks from different artists from all over the world. Each of them were unique in their own way, despite the cold we were awestruck by some of the art that was installed along the canals.

One of my favourite one was the artpiece called the ‘Brigde of the Rainbow’ by a French artist called Gilbert Moity. It symbolises open-mindedness and diversity.


Another one of my favourite was the artwork from an Italian Duo where ‘Love Is Contagious’ is translated into 5 different languages and it was displayed in varieties of colours and light sequences


If you want to know more about the artwork that was posted in the festival, head over to  Amsterdam Light Festival . My only wish was, that my iPhone could have stayed alive throughout this journey as it couldn’t handle the cold and decided to kill itself many times.

This was definitely one of the most beautiful day in my life, even though it was for a day it was a beautiful experience and sometimes ‘memories are souvenirs’ too!



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