Day 3 Hohe Tauern National Park


Day 3 was the long drive from Haiming to Hohe Tauern National Park. We had to drive past Innsbruck and we were on the road for 4 hours before we got Hohe Tauern. After some navigation mishaps we got to the park and we decided to take the famous ‘Grossglockner Alpine Road’. This road has a high toll charge, however I advise to drive on the road at least once in your life time as the views are to die for. GrossglocknerĀ is the highest mountain in Austria. It reaches upto 12,000 feet. So when we got to the top we found it hard to breathe, after some time we got used to it. The alpine peak was stunning

Grossglockner Peak

Views from Grossglockner Road

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

IMG_4346 (1)


At the end of the grossglockner road was the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen ‘Heiligenblut. The St Vincent church stood high and the mountains were surrounding it.

St Vincent Church

From Heiligenblut we decided to hike up to a nearby waterfall. It was an easy hike, and we were able to take some good pictures on the way. We decided to take the unusual route to the waterfall and get to the bottom of it, instead of just walking to the viewing platforms for the waterfall

En route to the Jungfernsprung waterfall

Jungfernsprung Waterfall

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