Day 2 Umhausen, Kaunertal & Oetz

So on the second we drove to the beautiful valley town called Umhausen. It was a spectacular Austrian village. The village was the starting point for the hike to Stuiben waterfall. The Stuiben waterfall in Umhausen in the Oetztal valley is the largest waterfall in Tyrol, featuring a length of 159 m and two cascades. We climbed as close as to the waterfall as we could to take some pictures and my favourite slow motion videos

Umhausen ValleyTop of Umhausen

Stuiben Waterfall

Then we headed off to Piburger lake, in the heart of the impressive peaks of the Oetztal Alps and the Oetztal Nature Park. I managed to take some pictures and time lapses at the lake. It was a beautiful lake reflecting the mountains and clouds around it

Piburger See

Next stop was the Kaunertal peaks. We were pretty late in starting the hike in Kaunertal. Took us 6 hours or so, however the temperature started to drop drastically and we had to cut the hike in short to return back to our car. However it was definitely an experience walking through the fog in the mountains. It was another lesson learnt in my book, which is to never turn up for things late.


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