Day 5 Voss & London

Spent the last day in Norway exploring any place that I could find. So drove to Voss to do some canoeing in one of the lakes. On the way I picked up some hitchhikers and they were friendly people from the Netherlands. In UK we are always anxious about picking up hitchhikers, however it seems to be an ‘okay’ thing to do in other parts of Europe

My cousin and I rented a canoe and headed to the lake. It was peaceful as we were the only people, so we decided to put on some old AR Rahman songs and just canoed our hearts out. On the way back to our accommodation we tumbled upon several beautiful waterfalls which resulted in more photo opportunities.


The next morning we flew back out to London. Norway was an experience to behold. It is a country where people give a lot of importance to nature and that is reflected where ever you go. The only downside is how expensive the country is. Everything is literally so expensive. So save up and turn up at this beautiful country. Next time I’d like to explore the side of Norway I didn’t get to see. Especially the northern lights. Till that day comes till we meet again, Norway! Voss


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