Day 3 Voringfossen – Eidjfjord – Bergen

After a tiring second day in Norway and little energy left I decided to take it slow on the third day. We left the hotel at a leisurely time (around 11 a.m) and drove towards Voringfossen. Voringfossen is Norway’s 83rd highest waterfall and one of the most popular ones. There was a viewing platform at the top where most tourists can take pictures and just enjoy the view.

Top of the Voringfossen

However if you’re up for a good 2 hour hike then you’re in for a treat. With normal clothes and shoes with some good grip you can get close to the bottom of the waterfall. If you want to get any closer, then you need professional gear and some experience. So after a 2 hour hike we got to the bottom of the waterfall and it was a sight to behold. There were 2 waterfalls meeting on either side of the big rock and I was lucky enough to capture a rainbow in the midst of them

See closely and you can see the rainbow on the left hand side

En route

After that we headed back to Bergen to our hotel

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