Day 2 Jotunheimen National Park

So we left Flam around 3.30 am. It was supposed to be a 4 hour drive to the national park, however our Norwegian sat nav showed us some shortcuts and we were able to cut the driving time by 1.5 hours. On our way we stopped to take a lot of pictures of the fjords as the sun was coming up. One of the most sublime views I have ever seen to this date.

View from the boat

We got to the national park around 8.30 am. The plan was to do the Besseggen Hike. It generally takes about 8 hours depending on where you start the hike. We decided to get the boat from Gjendesheim Tourist centre to Memurubu. Then from Memurubu we decided to hike back to Gjendesheim. This route was supposed to be the challenging route, however it provides the best views of the national park. So we took the boat over to Memurubu. We got our hiking gear ready and we started the hike.

An hour into the hike

After 6 hours of hiking we eventually got a resting spot where we were able to see both the lakes that were beside each side of the mountain.

6 hours later

So we were supposed to have finished the hike in 8 hours. However we only had got to the top after 8 hours. We were already tired and my cousin was experiencing a migraine and his legs were giving in. I had done some preparation prior to the trip but he was new to all this, so we had to take it slow. Once we got to the top we were rather de-motivated and tired. We kept pushing and we could see the tourist information centre and our car parked far far away. Running out of food and water we decided to just hike/run as fast we can down to the bottom. 4 hours later we got to the bottom. Oh boy it was one hell of an experience. It definitely taught me a lesson. Be prepared! Always

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