Day 1 London To Bergen

We flew from London to Bergen and the weather was wet and cold as we’d imagined. Bergen has more rainfall throughout the year than other cities in Norway. We hired a rental car from the airport. I was shocked that I had to drive a ‘Volvo’ especially on the wrong side of the road. Little did I know that I would grow to love this car and I actually still miss it to this day

Flying into Bergen

After some struggle with driving on the wrong side, we set off towards Flam. We were staying the night in Flam in a little hostel called Brekke Gard. It was pretty cheap and all we needed was a place to sleep so we weren’t too bothered. We stopped over at this place shown below for a photo opportunity and to buy an expensive coffee, as everything in Norway was overpriced


On our way to Flam we decided to be stingy and took roads that didn’t require toll charges. However this turned out to be an adventurous route, we saw a lot of waterfalls dotted everywhere and it gave us the opportunity to explore


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