Mont Blanc

In May 2015 I set out on my first solo trip. The sole reason for going away by myself was that I wanted to try out something different. I was rather nervous about travelling by myself. I did a lot of research prior to setting off on my adventure. I decided to do the Mont Blanc Highlights trekking tour through an adventure travel agency called Exodus.

I flew into Geneva and drove to a little town called Chamonix, France. Chamonix was the base town for the rest of the trip. This trip took me through Italy, France and Switzerland.

I was trekking through different mountains which took me to heights upto 4000 metres. I wouldn’t say that I was well prepared for this trip, I had some difficulties at high altitudes. Therefore one piece of advise to anyone who is involved in trekking or wants to go trekking. Make sure you do a lot of running/exercise to get your stamina up. Ideally going on a few treks prior to a big trip like this would certainly help. Having said that if I can do it, pretty much anyone can do it


Italian Alps
Italian Alps

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